Auto Monitor OFF

The camera automatically switches to the power-saving mode if you do not operate the camera for a certain period of time in the still-image shooting mode. This function is useful for reducing the power consumption.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Auto Monitor OFF] → desired setting

Menu item details

Does not turn OFF:
The camera does not switch to the power-saving mode automatically.
2 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec:
The camera switches to the power-saving mode and the monitor turns off if a certain number of seconds elapses without any operations.
When [5 Sec] or [10 Sec] is selected, the monitor darkens two seconds before the end of the duration you have set.


  • [Auto Monitor OFF] does not activate in the following situations:
    • When the monitor is facing forward
    • When the shooting mode is set to [Sweep Panorama]
    • In cases which the power-saving function will not activate (As an exception, [Auto Monitor OFF] will activate when [Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl] is set to [On].)
    • During [USB Streaming]