Smile Shutter

The camera automatically shoots an image when it detects a smiling face.

  1. MENU(Camera Settings1) → [Smile Shutter] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Does not use the [Smile Shutter] function.
The camera automatically shoots an image when it detects a smiling face. You can select [On: Slight Smile], [On: Normal Smile], or [On: Big Smile] for the sensitivity of detection.

Tips for capturing smiles more effectively

  • Do not cover the eyes with front hair and keep the eyes narrowed.
  • Do not obscure the face by a hat, masks, sunglasses, etc.
  • Try to orient the face in front of the product and be as level as possible.
  • Give a clear smile with an open mouth. The smile is easier to be detected when the teeth are shown.
  • If you press the shutter button during Smile Shutter, the product shoots the image. After shooting, the product returns to Smile Shutter mode.


  • You cannot use the [Smile Shutter] function with the following functions:
    • [Sweep Panorama]
    • [Picture Effect]
    • When using the [Focus Magnifier] function.
    • [Scene Selection] is set to [Landscape], [Night Scene], [Sunset], [Hand-held Twilight], [Anti Motion Blur], [Pet], [Gourmet] or [Fireworks].
    • When recording movies.
    • During High Frame Rate shooting
  • Up to 8 faces of your subjects can be detected.
  • The product may not detect faces at all or may accidentally detect other objects as faces in some conditions.
  • If the product cannot detect a smile, adjust the Smile Detection Sensitivity.
  • If [Func. of Touch Operation] is set to [Touch Tracking] and you touch a face on the monitor to track while [Smile Shutter] is active, smile detection will only apply to that face.