Importing images to the computer without using computer software

Importing images to the Windows computer

When the AutoPlay Wizard appears after making a USB connection between this product and a computer, click [Open folder to view files][OK][DCIM]. Then copy the desired images to the computer.

Importing images to the Mac computer

Connect the product to your Mac computer. Double-click the newly recognized icon on the desktop → the folder in which the image you want to import is stored. Then drag and drop the image file on to the hard disk icon.


  • For operations such as importing XAVC S movies or AVCHD movies to the computer, use PlayMemories Home. (Windows only)
  • Do not edit or otherwise process AVCHD or XAVC S movie files/folders from the connected computer. Movie files may be damaged or become unplayable. Do not delete or copy AVCHD movies or XAVC S movies on the memory card from the computer. Sony is not held liable for consequences resulting from such operations via the computer.
  • If you delete images or perform other operations from the connected computer, the image database file may become inconsistent. In this case, repair the image database file.