Location and function of parts


Illustration indicating each part of the headset

  1. Fitting supporters (left, right)

  2. Tactile dot

    There is a tactile dot on the left unit of the headset.

  3. Driver unit parts (left, right)

  4. Microphones (left, right)

  5. Housing parts (left, right)

  6. Charging ports (left, right)

  7. (left) mark

  8. (right) mark

  9. Built-in antennas (left, right)

Charging case

Illustration indicating each part of the charging case

  1. Lid

  2. Indicator (green/orange/blue)

    Indicates the power, communication or charging status of the headset.

  3. Lid open button

  4. Pairing/reset/initialize button

    Used when entering pairing mode, resetting or initializing the headset.

  5. USB Type-C port

    Using the supplied USB Type-C cable, connect the charging case to a computer or to an AC outlet via a commercially available USB AC adaptor to simultaneously charge both the headset and the charging case.

USB transceiver

Illustration indicating each part of the USB transceiver

  1. Indicator (white/green/red)

    Indicates the connection status and calling status of Microsoft Teams.