Resetting the headset

If the headset cannot be turned on or cannot be operated even when it is turned on, reset the headset. Reset one of the headset units at a time.

  1. Set one of the headset units into the charging case.

    Put only one headset unit back into the hole of the charging case, insert it until it clicks and then make sure it is locked in the charging case.

  2. Close the lid of the charging case.

    By closing the lid once, the headset units are straightened and locked in place, even if they were not locked in the charging case before.

  3. Hold the charging case in your hand and press the lid open button to open the lid.

  4. Press and hold the reset button of the charging case for about 20 seconds or more.

    After about 15 seconds, the indicator (orange) on the charging case flashes slowly for about 5 seconds.

    Then, the indicator on the charging case turns off and the headset will be reset.

    When resetting is complete, the indicator (orange or green) on the charging case lights up for about 3 seconds to show the remaining battery charge of the headset, and then turns off.

  5. Check that the indicator turns off and then release your finger.
  6. Remove the headset unit from the charging case and start the operation again from step 1 with the other headset unit.

The pairing information and other settings are retained.
If the headset does not operate correctly even after resetting, initialize the headset to restore factory settings.

About the instruction manual video

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