Using the multi-selector

You can move the focus area by pushing the multi-selector up/down/left/right. You can also assign a function to be activated when you press the center of the multi-selector.

  • Put your finger right on top of the multi-selector to manipulate it more precisely.
  • You can move the focus area when [Focus Area] is set to the following parameters:
    • [Zone]
    • [Spot: S] / [Spot: M] / [Spot: L]
    • [Expand Spot]
    • [Tracking: Zone]
    • [Tracking: Spot S] / [Tracking: Spot M] / [Tracking: Spot L]
    • [Tracking: Expand Spot]
  • The [Focus Standard] function is assigned to the center of the multi-selector in the default settings.