Copying images from one memory card to another (Copy)

You can copy images from a memory card in a slot that is selected using [Select Playback Media] to a memory card in another slot.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Edit] → [Copy].
    All of the contents with a date or in a folder currently being played back will be copied to a memory card in another slot.


  • You can select the type of images to be displayed by selecting MENU (Playback) → [Playback Target][View Mode].


  • If images in a group are copied, the copied images will not be displayed as a group on the destination memory card.
  • If protected images are copied, the protection will be canceled on the destination memory card.
  • It may take a long time when many images are to be copied. Use a sufficiently charged battery pack.
  • To copy a movie, the destination memory card must support the recording format of the movie. If the movie cannot be copied, a message will be displayed on the monitor of the camera.