De-Squeeze Display

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

During movie recording and playback, movies compressed using an anamorphic lens are displayed on the monitor with correction (de-squeezing) to the CinemaScope aspect ratio (2.39:1) according to the ratio of the anamorphic lens.

This function can be used when the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver.2.00 or later.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Display Option][De-Squeeze Display] → desired setting.
    • Select a setting according to the magnification of the anamorphic lens that you are using.

Menu item details

Does not de-squeeze the displayed image.
Compressed movies are displayed with 1.3-fold horizontal correction.
Compressed movies are displayed with 2.0-fold horizontal correction.


  • When [De-Squeeze Display] is set to [1.3x] or [2.0x], the following settings are locked.
    • [Focus Mode]: [Manual Focus]
    • [Focus Area]: [Wide]
    • [SteadyShot]: [Off]
    • [Face Priority in Multi Metering]: [Off]
    • [Aspect Marker] under [Marker Display]: [2.39:1]


  • [De-Squeeze Display] is only available in the movie recording mode and slow-motion/quick-motion shooting mode.
  • Even if [De-Squeeze Display] is set to [1.3x] or [2.0x], the displayed image will not be de-squeezed in the following cases.
    • Recording movies by pressing the MOVIE button in the still image shooting mode
    • Outputting images during USB streaming
    • Monitoring images when using [PC Remote]
    • Outputting images to a device connected via HDMI when [RAW Output] under [HDMI Output Settings] is set to [On]
    • When [Log Shooting] under [Log Shooting Setting] is set to [Off]
    • Outputting HDMI images when [Rec. Media dur HDMI Output] is set to [Off(HDMI Only)]
  • Still images that were extracted using [Photo Capture] from movies shot with an anamorphic lens will not be de-squeezed.