File Settings

Configure settings for the file names of recorded movies.

  1. MENU → (Shooting) → [File][File Settings] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

File Number:
You can set how to assign file numbers to movies.
[Series]: Does not reset file numbers even if the memory card is changed.
[Reset]: Resets the file number when the memory card is changed.
Series Counter Reset:
Resets the series counter used when [File Number] is set to [Series].
File Name Format:
You can set the format for movie file names. You can change the beginning of the file name to your desired character string or set the file name to the [Cam ID + Reel#] format.
[Standard]: The file name of the recorded movie starts with “C.” Example: C0001
[Cam ID + Reel#]*: The file name of the recorded movie becomes “Camera ID+Reel number+Camera position+File number+Date+Random string.” Example: A001C001_230101AB
[Title]: The file name of the recorded movie becomes “Title+File number.”
[Date + Title]: The file name of the recorded movie becomes “Date+Title+File number.”
[Title + Date]: The file name of the recorded movie becomes “Title+Date+ File number.”
Cam ID + Reel# Settings*:
Sets the various parts of the file name when [File Name Format] is set to [Cam ID + Reel#].
[Camera ID]: The ID of the camera for shooting (A to Z)
[Reel Number]: The reel number of the movie (001-999)
[Camera Position]: The camera position when shooting (C/L/R). When the file number reaches 999, the recorded camera position changes, but the setting value (C/L/R) does not change. Example: C999→D001
Title Name Settings:
You can set the title when [File Name Format] is set to [Title], [Date + Title], or [Title + Date].

*When the camera's system software (firmware) is Ver.2.00 or later


  • The settings for [File Number] and [File Name Format] are applied to both Slot 1 and Slot 2.
  • When [File Number] is set to [Series], file numbers will be assigned sequentially across the memory cards in the slots even if you switch the setting for [Rec. Media Settings][Recording Media] between Slot 1 and 2.


  • Only alphanumeric characters and symbols can be input for [Title Name Settings]. Up to 37 characters can be entered.
  • Titles specified using [Title Name Settings] or [Cam ID + Reel# Settings] are only applied to movies recorded after the setting is made.
  • [Reel Number] is reset when the [Camera ID] setting has changed. [Reel Number] will not be reset even if you execute [Reset] under [File Number].
  • You cannot set how folder names are assigned for movies.
  • If you are using an SDHC memory card, [File Name Format] is locked to [Standard].
  • If you insert a memory card used with [File Name Format] set to one of the following into another device, the memory card may not function properly.
    • [Cam ID + Reel#]
    • [Title]
    • [Date + Title]
    • [Title + Date]
  • If there are unused numbers due to file deletion, etc., these numbers will be reused when the movie file number reaches “9999.”
  • When you set [File Name Format] to [Cam ID + Reel#], use a CFexpress Type A memory card or SDXC memory card.