Rear side

Illustration of the rear side of the camera

  1. Power switch
  2. Monitor/Touch panel

    You can adjust the monitor to an easily viewable angle and shoot from any position.

    Illustration showing how the monitor can be rotated

    (A): Approx. 176°

    (B): Approx. 270°

    • You may not be able to adjust the monitor angle depending on the type of a tripod you use. In such a case, release the tripod screw once to adjust the monitor angle.
    • Do not apply excessive force when opening, closing, or rotating the monitor. Doing so may cause a malfunction.
  3. MODE (Mode) button
  4. Recording lamp
  5. MENU button
  6. Rear dial

    You can quickly adjust the settings for each shooting mode.

  7. 5 button (Custom button 5)/FOCUS MAG (Focus magnifier) button
  8. Fn (Function) button
  9. Control wheel
  10. Access lamp
  11. For shooting: 4 button (Custom button 4)
    For viewing: (Delete) button
  12. (Playback) button
  13. Speaker