Pixel Mapping

You can manually optimize the image sensor (pixel mapping). Perform [Pixel Mapping] regularly according to the following procedure. We recommend that you perform the operation once every three days.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Setup Option] → select [Pixel Mapping].
  2. Attach the lens cap.
    • Be sure to attach the lens cap.
  3. Select [OK] on the confirmation screen.

    Pixel mapping will be performed.

    • The camera cannot be operated during pixel mapping.
    • The camera will restart when pixel mapping is complete.


  • When you turn the camera on, a message to perform pixel mapping will occasionally be displayed. If the message is displayed, perform [Pixel Mapping].
  • If you see bright spots in a recorded image on the camera monitor, immediately perform [Pixel Mapping].


  • Pixel mapping cannot be performed when the battery is low.
  • If [Pixel Mapping] is not performed regularly, bright spots may appear in recorded images.