Touch operations on the monitor

By touching the monitor, you can intuitively perform operations such as focusing on the shooting screen and operating the playback screen.

Touch operations (on the shooting screen)

Touch the monitor to specify where to focus (Touch Focus).

Touch a subject on the monitor to use the touch tracking function (Touch Tracking).

You can also focus on a subject and shoot images simply by touching the subject on the screen (Touch Shutter).

For information on how to switch the function activated by touch operation, refer to “ Touch Func. in Shooting .”

Touch operations (on the playback screen)

During single-image playback, swipe the screen to the left or right to move to the previous or next image.

During single-image playback, you can enlarge or reduce the displayed image by moving apart or bringing together two fingers on the screen (pinch-out/pinch-in).

  • You can also double-tap the monitor to enlarge a still image or exit the enlarged image.
  • During movie playback, you can start or pause playback using touch operations.


  • You can open the function menu by swiping upward quickly on the shooting screen.