Illustration of the side view of the camera

Illustration of the side view of the camera

  1. Hooks for shoulder strap (sold separately)
  2. Thread hole for accessories

    Supports 1/4-20 UNC screws

    Use an accessory with a screw less than 5.5 mm (7/32 inches) long. Otherwise, you will be unable to firmly secure the accessory, and damage to the camera may occur.

  3. HDMI type A jack
  4. WLAN antenna (built-in)

    Wi-Fi communication may be blocked if you cover this part with your hand, etc.

  5. (Microphone) jack

    When an external microphone is connected, the built-in microphone and the XLR handle unit (ILME-FX30 only) turn off automatically. When the external microphone is a plugin-power type, the power of the microphone is supplied by the camera.

  6. (Headphones) jack
  7. USB Type-C terminal
  8. Charge lamp
  9. Multi/Micro USB Terminal

    This terminal supports Micro USB-compatible devices.

  10. Ventilation outlet

    Do not use the camera while touching the area around the ventilation outlet for a long time. Doing so may cause low-temperature burns.

  11. SLOT 1 (Memory card slot 1)
  12. SLOT 2 (Memory card slot 2)

Notes on USB terminals

You can use either the USB Type-C terminal or the Multi/Micro USB Terminal for USB communications. However, you cannot conduct USB communications with both terminals simultaneously. Use the USB Type-C terminal to supply power and charge the battery pack. This camera cannot be powered via the Multi/Micro USB terminal.

  • You can use accessories for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal, such as a remote commander (sold separately), while supplying power or performing PC Remote shooting using the USB Type-C terminal.

Notes on the terminal cover

Ensure that the terminal cover is closed before use.