List of icons on the screen for shooting still images

The displayed contents and their positions in the illustrations are just guidelines, and may differ from the actual displays.

Descriptions are given below the indications of the icons.

Illustration of the screen in the monitor mode

  1. Shooting mode/Scene recognition
    Shooting mode
    Shooting mode (Recall Camera Setting)
    Scene Recognition icons
  2. Camera settings
    Memory card for recording / Not memory card for recording
    No memory card inserted
    Nearing the rewriting upper limit of the memory card / Rewriting upper limit of the memory card reached
    Remaining number of recordable images
    Writing data / Number of images left to write
    26M / 23M / 22M / 17M / 13M / 11M / 8.5M / 6.4M / 5.7M / 5.4M / 4.3M
    Image size of still images
    RAW recording
    JPEG Quality / HEIF Quality
    Color sampling for HEIF
    Setting Effect OFF
    Flickering detected
    SteadyShot off/on, Camera shake warning
    SteadyShot focal length / Camera shake warning
    Optical zoom only /Clear Image Zoom/Digital Zoom
    PC remote
    Bright Monitoring
    Silent mode
    Remote control
    Connected to the cloud/Communicating with the cloud/Cloud connection error

    *When the camera’s system software (firmware) version is Ver.4.00 or later

    FTP function / FTP transfer status
    Connected to Wi-Fi (via a Wi-Fi access point)
    Disconnected from Wi-Fi (via a Wi-Fi access point)
    Connected to Wi-Fi/Disconnected from Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Direct)
    Connected to LAN/Disconnected from LAN (When using a USB-LAN conversion adaptor)
    Writing copyright information [On]
    Writing IPTC information [On]
    Touch function in shooting mode (Touch focus/Touch tracking/Touch shutter/off)
    Focus Cancel
    Tracking Cancel
    Bluetooth connection available / Bluetooth connection unavailable
    Obtaining location information / Location information cannot be obtained
    Airplane Mode
    Overheating warning
    Database file full / Database file error
    Tripod recognition
  3. Battery
    Remaining battery
    Remaining battery warning
    USB power supply
  4. Shooting settings
    Drive Mode
    Focus Mode
    Focus Area
    Metering Mode
    7500K A5 G5
    White Balance (Auto, Preset, Underwater Auto, Custom, Color temperature, Color filter)
    D-Range Optimizer
    Creative Look
    Face/Eye Prior. in AF/ Face/Eye Subject
    Picture Profile
    [1st Zoom Spd.] under [Zoom Lever Speed]
  5. Focus indicator/exposure settings
    Focus indicator
    Shutter speed
    Aperture value
    Exposure compensation/Metered Manual
    ISO sensitivity
    AE lock/AWB lock
  6. Guides/other
    Tracking Cancel
    Guide display for tracking
    Focus Cancel
    Guide display for canceling focusing
    Guide display for dials

    Bracket indicator

    Spot metering area
    Digital level gauge