Matching the time code with other devices

You can match the time code with devices equipped with a time code output terminal, such as camcorders, by connecting the camera and the device. A dedicated adapter cable (sold separately) is required to connect the Multi/Micro USB terminal of the camera to the BNC output terminal of a commercially available BNC cable.

About the dedicated adapter cable (sold separately)

You can convert the BNC terminal to a Micro USB terminal with an adapter cable (sold separately). The availability of the adapter cable may vary depending on the country or region. Refer to the following support site for inventory confirmation and purchase. When purchasing, please let us know the product name and product number.

Sony service facility for professional products

  • Product name: Adapter cable VMC-BNCM1 (sold separately)
  • Product number: A-5051-506-A
  • Length: 0.2 m (0.6 ft)

Preparation in advance

Set the time code output device (camcorder, etc.) to the mode in which the time code always advances (Free Run or Clock).

To match the time code

  1. Press the MODE (mode) button on the camera. Then, select [Movie] to set the camera to the movie shooting mode.

  2. MENU (Shooting) → [TC/UB] → Set [Time Code Make] to [Preset] and [Time Code Run] to [Free Run].

  3. Connect the BNC output terminal of the BNC cable (A) to the Multi/Micro USB terminal of the camera with the adapter cable (B).

    Illustration showing how to connect the BNC cable to the camera using the adapter cable

  • The time code of the camera will synchronize with the time code of the connected device (external lock state), and “EXT-LK” will appear on the screen.
  • Once the external lock state has been set for approximately 10 seconds, it will be maintained even after the device on the time code output side is disconnected.


  • The external lock state of the time code is released when you perform the following operations on the camera.
    • When you change the setting for [Time Code Make] or [Time Code Run]
    • When you change the time code with [Time Code Preset]
    • When you change the shooting mode to the slow-motion/quick-motion mode


  • The adapter cable VMC-BNCM1 (sold separately) can only be used with this camera body. Do not connect it to the Micro USB terminal of other devices.
  • You cannot use the adapter cable by connecting it to the Micro USB terminal of the XLR handle unit (supplied only with the ILME-FX30).
  • When connecting the adapter cable to the camera, be careful not to apply excessive force to the Micro USB terminal of the adapter cable.
  • When you set the camera to the external lock status, the time code is instantly locked to the external time code, and the same value as the external time code appears on the time data display. However, do not start recording for a few seconds until the time code generator stabilizes.
  • If the frequency of the reference time code and the frame frequency of the camera are not the same, the time code cannot be locked correctly and the camera will not operate normally. In this case, the time code also cannot be properly locked to the external time code.
  • When you match the time code of the camera with that of another device, movies may be off by one frame. If you use the camera for a long time, the deviation from the reference time code may increase.