On GPS (FDR-X3000/HDR-AS300)

  • As the positions of GPS satellites vary constantly, it may take longer to determine the location or the receiver may not be able to determine the location at all, depending on the location and time you use the camera.
  • GPS is a system that determines your position by receiving signals from satellites. Avoid using the GPS feature on the camera in places where radio signals are blocked or reflected, such as a shadowy place surrounded by buildings or trees, etc. Use the camera in open sky environments.
  • You may not be able to record location information at locations or in situations where radio signals from the GPS satellites do not reach the camera as follows.
    • In tunnels, indoors or under the shade of buildings
    • Between tall buildings or at narrow streets surrounded by buildings
    • In underground locations, locations surrounded by dense trees, under an elevated bridge, or in locations where magnetic fields are generated, such as near high voltage cables.
    • Near devices that generate radio signals of the same frequency band as the camera: near 1.5 GHz band mobile telephones, etc.
  • If you shoot images while the GPS log is set to ON and upload those images to the Internet, the shooting location may be visible to third parties. To prevent this, set the GPS log to OFF before shooting.