Waterproof packing

The camera uses an waterproof packing to maintain its water resistance. The waterproof packing maintenance is very important. Failure to do waterproof packing maintenance according to the instructions may lead to water leaks and cause the camera to sink.

Inspecting the waterproof packing

  • Carefully check that there is no dirt, sand, hair, dust, salt, threads, sea water, etc., on the waterproof packing. If found, be sure to wipe off with a soft cloth.
  • Lightly run your fingertip around the waterproof packing to check for any invisible dirt.
  • Be careful not to leave any cloth fibers on the waterproof packing after wiping it.
  • Check the waterproof packing for cracks, skewing, distortion, fine splitting, scratches, embedded sand, etc.
  • Inspect the waterproof packing contact surface on the case body in the same way.


  • Water leaks may occur if you use the Underwater Housing while dirt, sea water, or other foreign objects are adhered to the “1. waterproof packing”.
    Before use, be sure to check that there is no dirt, sea water, or other foreign object adhered to the “1. waterproof packing” and be sure to check that there are no water leaks by following the instructions in “How to check for water leaks”.