Using the Underwater Housing

By inserting the camera in the Underwater Housing, you can shoot images underwater up to a depth of 60 m (197 feet) for 30 minutes continuously.

  1. Slide the buckle lock in the direction of and hold it, then hold the circled parts and swing out the buckle in the direction of .

  2. Open the case cover.

  3. Insert the camera in the case body.

  4. Insert the tab of the case body into the slot of the case cover.

  5. Hook the buckle over the tab on the lower part of the case cover , then close the buckle in the direction of .
    • Make sure the buckle and buckle lock are firmly locked. (If you do not lock it securely, water may leak, or the camera may fall out.)


  • You cannot operate the (on/standby) button and REC/ENTER button when the REC HOLD switch is set to the lock position. Release the lock in the direction of the arrow below, before operation.

  • When using FDR-X3000/HDR-AS300 with the Underwater Housing supplied with HDR-AS50, detach the adaptor () from the Underwater Housing.

  • When using HDR-AS50, be sure that the adaptor is attached to the Underwater Housing. If the adaptor is not attached, the images that you shoot may be affected.
  • You can record audio while the camera is in the Underwater Housing, but the sound level is reduced.
  • Thread a suitable cord through the leash attachment hole of the Underwater Housing, then attach the cord to an item you intend to use with the camera.