Inserting a memory card

  1. Open the memory card cover.
  2. Insert the memory card until it clicks.
    • microSD card/microSDHC card/microSDXC card: Insert in the direction of .
    • Memory Stick Micro (M2) media: Insert in the direction of .

    : Printed side

    : Terminal side

  3. Close the memory card cover.

To eject the memory card

Open the cover, then lightly push the memory card once.


  • Insert the memory card properly, confirming each side is facing the correct direction.
  • Confirm the direction of the memory card. If you forcibly insert the memory card in the wrong direction, the memory card, memory card slot, or image data may be damaged.
  • Format the memory card in the camera before use.
  • Save important data on the memory card on other media such as a computer, before formatting the memory card.
  • Do not insert anything other than the compliant size of memory card into the memory card slot. Otherwise, a malfunction may result.
  • When inserting or ejecting the memory card, be careful to prevent the memory card from popping out and dropping.