Auto power off

You can change the setting of the auto power off function.

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select (Camera Settings) - (Auto power off) - setting value, then press the REC/ENTER button.
    • (Turns the power off after about 20 seconds)
    • (Turns the power off after about 60 seconds)
    • (Does not turn off automatically)


  • Auto power off is not available in the following situations.
    • When recording data to media
    • When shooting movies, or shooting in time-lapse capture mode
    • During movie playback
    • When Wi-Fi connection is being established, Wi-Fi remote control is connected, an image is being uploaded to a smartphone, or live streaming
    • HDMI connection is being made. (FDR-X3000/HDR-AS300)
    • Supplying power from a connected USB device
    • Connecting a mass storage device
    • IR remote is set to ON. (FDR-X3000)
  • In the following cases, even if you have selected or in the auto power off function, the time that elapses before the power turns off will be extended.
    • While adjusting the menus.
    • While playing back still images