Effective use of the battery pack

  • Battery pack performance decreases in low temperature surroundings (less than 10°C (50°F)). So in cold places, the operational time of the battery pack is shorter. We recommend the following to ensure longer battery pack use: Put the battery pack in a pocket close to your body to warm it up, and insert it in the camera immediately before you start shooting.
  • The battery pack will run out quickly if you use the playback, fast-forward, and fast-rewind frequently.
  • Turn off the camera every time you do not operate the camera. Battery pack is wearing out when the shooting is in standby.
  • We recommend having spare battery packs handy for two times or three times the expected shooting time, and making trial shots before taking the actual shots.
  • You may not be able to turn on the camera or the battery pack may not be effectively charged if the terminal section of the battery pack is dirty. In this case, wipe any dust with a soft cloth lightly to clean the battery pack.
  • Do not expose the battery pack to water. The battery pack is not water-resistant.
  • Even the power is turned off, battery will be consumed. Remove the battery before storing.