Using the zoom

When the digital zoom is set to ON, the camera can zoom up to 3 times for shooting. Regardless the angle setting, you can always enlarge up to 3 times. The image quality will deteriorate due to digital processing.

  • The zoom cannot be operated with the camera during movie shooting, loop recording, live streaming, or time-lapse capture.
    Operate the zoom from a smartphone connected to the camera or the Live-View Remote.
  1. Be sure that is displayed on the screen and the digital zoom is set to ON.

    If is not displayed, check “Zoom setting”.

  2. Press the UP button or DOWN button to change the zoom magnification.
    • UP button: Telephoto
    • DOWN button: Wide angle

    A beep will be heard if it is set to ON.


  • When the camera is multi connected to the Live-View Remote, pressing the UP button or DOWN button controls the following operations.
    • Operation with the camera
      When , changes the zoom magnification
      When , switches the shooting mode
    • Operation with the Live-View Remote
      Switches the live view screen of the connected camera
  • When zoom is used, the angle of view will be changed.

    Before shooting, check the angle of view on PlayMemories Mobile, then start shooting.