Using the attachment buckle

The attachment buckle is used for fixing the camera or Underwater Housing to an optional accessory you intend to use.

The procedure for fixing the attachment buckle to the Underwater Housing is explained here.

  1. Align the tripod screw hole in the bottom of the Underwater Housing with the tripod screw of the attachment buckle, and fix firmly with the tripod screw.

  2. Attach the attachment buckle to the accessory by sliding it until it clicks into place.

To detach the attachment buckle from the accessory

Press and hold the circled parts of the attachment buckle to unlock, then slide it in the opposite direction of step 2.

Example of optional accessory attachment

Universal head mount kit

Backpack Mount


  • Thread a suitable leash through the leash attachment hole of the Underwater Housing, then attach the leash to an item you intend to use with the camera.
  • Before use, confirm that the screw on the attachment buckle is not loose.