Connecting a smartphone to Wi-Fi via QR Code (Android device)

Perform preparation for connecting to your smartphone before connecting.

  1. Press the MENU button on the camera.
  2. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select (Camera Settings) - (Wi-Fi connection setting) - , then press the REC/ENTER button.
  3. Select the shooting mode (///).
  4. Start PlayMemories Mobile on the smartphone.

  5. Select [Scan QR Code of the Camera] on the PlayMemories Mobile.

  6. Select [OK] (Select [OK] again when a message is displayed.)

  7. Scan the QR Code that is printed on a sticker attached to the rear of the camera's battery cover.

  8. When [Connect with the camera?] is displayed on the smartphone, select [OK].


  • When Airplane mode is set to ON, the Wi-Fi function is not available.
  • Depending on local electrical interference or the smartphone’s capabilities, the live view images may not be displayed smoothly.
  • When operating multiple cameras with a connected device, you cannot connect a smartphone to Wi-Fi via QR Code.