Inserting the battery pack

  1. Slide down the lock lever to open the battery cover.

  2. Insert the battery pack.

    :Align the direction of the arrow on the camera and the battery pack.

  3. Close the battery cover and slide the lock lever up to lock.
    • Confirm that the yellow mark on the lock lever is not visible.
    • Close the battery cover securely. Not doing so may cause a water leakage.

To remove the battery pack

Open the cover and slide the battery ejection lever, then remove the battery pack.

To set auto power off function

It is recommended that you set the camera to turn off automatically, in order to decrease the battery consumption.

Press the MENU button, then press the UP button or DOWN button to select the (Camera Settings) - (Auto power off) - time until the power is turned off, then press the REC/ENTER button.


The default setting is (60 seconds). Change the setting as necessary. For details, see “Auto power off”.