USB power supply

When connecting the camera to a computer or USB device with the micro USB cable (supplied), the camera receives power from the connected device.

  • The USB power supply can be available by selecting ON from the following operation.
  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select (Camera Settings) - (USB power supply) - setting value, then press the REC/ENTER button.
    • (Power received when connected by the micro USB cable)
    • (No power received when connected by the micro USB cable)

Using the camera with an external power supply

The camera is compatible with the following external power supply.

  • External power supply of 1.5 A
    • FDR-X3000/HDR-AS300: Battery power consumption is lessened during shooting/playback
    • HDR-AS50: Receives USB power from the connected device


  • If you change the USB power supply setting while the micro USB cable is connected, disconnect the cable, then reconnect.
  • If you turn on the camera while charging the battery pack, charging stops and power is supplied to the camera from the device connected via USB.
  • You can shoot and play back images using a USB power supply. However, the battery pack is not charged simultaneously.
  • When using the camera with an external power supply, check that the icon () indicating that USB power is being supplied is displayed on the screen.
  • While USB power is being supplied, the continuous movie shooting time may be shortened due to the camera heating up.
  • Even if the AC adaptor is connected to the camera, the battery will not be charged if the camera is turned on.
  • Do not remove the battery while the access lamp is lit. The data in the memory card might be corrupted.


  • To shoot/play back while receiving external power, insert the charged battery into the camera.
  • Do not remove the battery from the camera when using the camera while receiving external power.