Notification of the restriction when using live streaming.

Restrictions for Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video)

  • There are some restrictions for video streaming on Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video). For details, see the Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video) site.

GPS and Wi-Fi functions during Live Streaming

  • The GPS function is disabled automatically during Live Streaming (FDR-X3000/HDR-AS300).
  • You cannot monitor images using a smartphone or the Live-View Remote during Live Streaming.

Network connection

  • Use a smartphone capable of tethering or Wi-Fi router for Live Streaming. However, proper operation with all smartphones or Wi-Fi routers is not guaranteed. Public wireless LANs cannot be used as connections for Live Streaming.

Simultaneous Live Streaming with multiple cameras

  • You cannot live stream videos simultaneously using the same account on more than one camera. You need to connect using another account.

Effects due to wireless communication conditions

  • When connected using the tethering function of a smartphone or via a Wi-Fi router, images and sounds may be interrupted, or the communication may be cut off due to wireless communication conditions.

Connection for Live Streaming

  • The communication time you can use for Live Streaming is limited according to the contract of your smartphone or Wi-Fi router. Confirm it in advance.

Continuous streaming time

  • Continuous Live Streaming using the camera is limited to about 13 hours.

Restrictions of network connections

  • In some countries or regions, you cannot connect to Live Streaming sites. Use this function in accordance with the laws of that country or region.