Performing Live Streaming

You can start Live Streaming after the preparation is complete. When Live Streaming for the first time, it is recommended that you rehearse streaming in a prepared environment after setting up with a computer in advance.


  • When is set to ON, the time code and user bit will be embedded to the video streaming. (FDR-X3000)
  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press the UP button or DOWN button to select the * (shooting mode) - (Live streaming mode), then press the REC/ENTER button.

    * The icon of the current selected shooting mode is displayed.

  3. Press the REC/ENTER button to start streaming.

    The REC lamp of the top of the camera lights up in blue.

Display during Live Streaming

Preparing to connect to the network distribution site

1 There is an audience. The number displayed is viewers.

2 Starts streaming


  • There may be time lag of 10 - 20 seconds between the start of Live Streaming on your camera and video streaming on the video streaming site.
  • You can record movies that are being live distributed in the memory card of the camera. When the memory card is already inserted, movies are recorded at the same time as the distribution*.
  • When the capacity of the memory card is full, only the movie recording will stop without stopping the distribution. Only movie distributions will be performed when no memory card is inserted.

* Simultaneously recorded movies are processed on MP4/HQ mode.

REC/LIVE lamp indicator during Live Streaming

If you select Live Streaming mode, you can see the streaming status for Live Streaming with the REC/LIVE lamp on the camera.

1: REC/LIVE lamp

OFF: Before distribution

Lights up in blue: Distributing

Blinks in blue: Distributing (There is an audience)

Blinks in red: Distribution error

To stop the live distribution

Press the REC/ENTER button again.