On waterproof performance of the Underwater Housing

  • When the camera is inserted in the supplied Underwater Housing, the camera can shoot up to a water depth of 60 m (197 feet) for 30 minutes continuously.
  • The waterproof performance is based on the testing standards of our company.
  • Do not subject the Underwater Housing to pressurized water, such as from a tap.
  • Do not use the Underwater Housing in hot springs.
  • Use the Underwater Housing in water that is less than 40°C (194°F).
  • Sometimes waterproof performance is lost if the Underwater Housing is subjected to a strong shock such as from being dropped. We recommend the Underwater Housing be inspected at an authorized repair shop (chargeable).
  • Waterproof performance in all situations is not guaranteed.

Anti-fog sheet (AKA-AF1 (sold separately))

  • Insert the anti-fog sheet indoors with low humidity.
  • Insert the anti-fog sheet in the camera a couple of hours before shooting.
  • If you do not use the anti-fog sheet, place it in a bag and keep the top sealed.
  • By drying the anti-fog sheet sufficiently, you can use it approximately 200 times repeatedly.


  • When inserting the anti-fog sheet (AKA-AF1), place the camera into the Underwater Housing, then place the anti-fog sheet in the gap on the bottom of the camera and the Underwater Housing.

    If you place the anti-fog sheet before placing the camera, the anti-fog sheet may be sandwiched and make it difficult to take out the camera.

: Anti-fog sheet