Lock-on AF

When you press the (Enter) button, the camera detects the subject positioned in the center of the screen and continues to track the subject.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [button Lock-on AF][On].
  2. Align the target frame (A) over the subject and press the (Enter) button.
    Press the (Enter) button again to stop tracking.
    • If the camera loses track of the subject, it can detect when the subject reappears on the monitor and resume tracking.

  3. Press the SHUTTER/MOVIE button fully down to shoot the image.


  • [button Lock-on AF] may not function very well in the following situations:
    • The subject is moving too quickly.
    • The subject is too small, or too large.
    • The contrast between the subject and the background is poor.
    • It is dark.
    • The ambient light changes.
  • Lock-on AF does not work in the following situations:
    • When shooting in Manual Focus mode
    • During movie shooting
  • The camera may not be able to resume tracking for a while after it loses the track of the subject.