Transferring music using Explorer/Finder

Music files/folders can be directly transferred to FL-N01 by drag-and-drop using Explorer/Finder.

  1. Press and hold the (power) button on FL-N01 for 4 seconds until FL-N01 vibrates to power on.
  2. Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to FL-N01, and then connect the other end to a booted computer.
  3. Open the [FL-N01] folder.
  4. Open the [MUSIC] folder.
  5. Drag-and-drop the music files or folders you want to transfer () to the corresponding [MUSIC] folder () under the [FL-N01] folder.


  • The music files can be played back even if they are placed in a location other than the [MUSIC] folder.


  • Some songs may not be played back due to copyright protection.
  • Do not remove the micro-USB cable while transferring music files/folders.
  • It may take time if you transfer large amount of data to a folder at a time.
  • Playing back music files with device mode will not be available for as long as 5 minutes* when you transfer/delete music files on FL-N01.
  • Up to 2,000 music files can be transferred at a time. The number of files that can be transferred to FL-N01 at a time vary depending on the size of files and number of tracks that each file contains. 2,000 is a rough standard when there is no other data files stored on the built-in memory of FL-N01.

* When 2,000 music files are stored on FL-N01. Inoperable time of FL-N01 varies depending on how many music files are stored on FL-N01.