You cannot play the music files transferred to FL-N01.

  • Supported Audio File Formats are MP3 or AAC that transferred by Media Go ver.3.0 and iTunes ver.12.4.2.
  • The transferred content may be damaged. When you transfer content, make sure that no other tasks are running on your computer until transferring is completed. Otherwise, the contents may be damaged. Delete the unplayable contents from FL-N01 and transfer them again.
  • Playing back music files with device mode will not be available for as long as 5 minutes* when you transfer/delete music files on FL-N01.
  • Charge the battery until it is full. FL-N01 will not be turned on for 10 seconds after starting to charge the battery. Wait for 10 seconds to turn FL-N01 on.
  • Press and hold the (power) button for 16 seconds to force shutdown of FL-N01 and turn it on again. Then check the following to synchronize the time setting of FL-N01 with the “Future Lab Program N” app.
    • Open the status screen of the “Future Lab Program N” app and check if FL-N01 and your smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.
    • If there is no Bluetooth connection established between FL-N01 and your smartphone, connect them via Bluetooth again.
  • See “If FL-N01 does not operate properly” on “Precautions,” then initialize FL-N01 as follows.
    Press and hold the (power) button for 16 seconds to force shutdown of FL-N01, then press and hold the (power) and volume - buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds until FL-N01 vibrates. The indicator light flashes for about 10 minutes then FL-N01 turns off. All data such as music files and photos are deleted, and FL-N01 is reset to the factory settings. If the same problem occurs repeatedly, there may be a malfunction.