FL-N01 does not react correctly even though you have sent a voice command.

  • FL-N01 may react to ambient noise. When FL-N01 is in the ready for operation state, leave it as it is. FL-N01 times out from the ready for operation state. If FL-N01 starts playing back music files or reading out information of Personalized Radio service, you need to talk to FL-N01 with the wake-up phrase “Listen up Nigel” and then the voice command “Stop.”
  • When you set to receive Personalized Radio service automatically, change this setting to off on the “Future Lab Program N” app.
  • Uncheck [Smartphone Notification] on the segment screen of the “Future Lab Program N” app to cancel reading out the smartphone notifications.
  • The notification sound, which reminds you that there are messages related to system information can be muted by pressing the (power) button (sleep mode).