The voice command function does not work well.

  • Depending on the ambient noise, utterances may not be recognized by FL-N01. Avoid places where loud noise, strong wind, or the echo effect occurs.
  • Check whether the speaker holes on FL-N01 are not covered with cloth, etc.
  • You may have talked to FL-N01 too early. Talk to FL-N01 after you hear the sound which reminds you that FL-N01 is ready for operation.
  • When you hear the announcement that FL-N01 fails to recognize your voice command, say the voice command again.
  • When you hear the error sound from FL-N01, try again from the wake-up phrase “Listen up Nigel.”
  • The voice commands are fixed phrases. Say exactly the same phrase as on the voice command list.
  • Depending on voice commands, FL-N01 needs to have a network connection. For details, see “Voice command/Natural speech list.”
  • Try saying another phrase if you intend to control FL-N01 with your speech.