Making a call

  1. Perform initial setup and phone call settings on the "Future Lab Program N" app.

    Make sure that [Use call function] is set to on.

    When you changed the [Use call function] setting from off to on, you need to restart FL-N01.

  2. Make a call by using your smartphone or mobile phone.

    You will hear the sound from FL-N01.

  3. Talk over the phone via FL-N01.

To adjust the volume of the other party

Press the volume +/- button on FL-N01.

To end a call

Press the voice input button on FL-N01.

When you do not hear sound from FL-N01

After you start talking over the phone via FL-N01 on step , change the setting of the speaker output on your smartphone or mobile phone.


  • Operations may vary depending on the smartphone or mobile phone. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your smartphone or mobile phone.


  • The volume during a call and volume during music playback can be adjusted independently. Changing the call volume does not change the volume of music playback and vice versa.