How can I delete the pairing information?

  • Pairing information on your smartphone can be deleted with the Bluetooth setting on the smartphone. To delete pairing information on FL-N01, factory reset needs to be done. Before performing factory reset, backup all data you need since factory reset erases all data stored on FL-N01. To perform factory reset, follow the procedure below.
    Press and hold the (power) button for 16 seconds to force shutdown of FL-N01, then press and hold the (power) and volume - buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds until FL-N01 vibrates. The indicator light flashes for about 10 minutes then FL-N01 turns off. All data such as music files and photos are deleted, and FL-N01 is reset to the factory settings.
  • After FL-N01 is initialized, follow all the procedures of Initial Setup of the “Future Lab Program N” app.