Using Open-ear earphones

Use the supplied Open-ear earphones when you are aware of sound leakage.

  1. Connect FL-N01 and the Open-ear earphones.

  2. Wear FL-N01 on your neck so that the camera is on your right-hand side.

  3. Place the cable of the left earphone behind your neck.

  4. Fit the earphone into your ear.
    1. Slide up the earphone from under your ear along your jaw then place it into your ear.
    2. Pull the earphone down then fit it into your ear.

To disconnect the Open-ear earphones from FL-N01

Pull out the connector of the Open-ear earphones, not the cable.


  • The supplied Open-ear earphones are exclusively designed for FL-N01. Do not connect the supplied Open-ear earphones to a device other than FL-N01.