General voice command

A network connection is required for some of the voice commands.


To Say Network connection
Launch an app or access a segment Start <app or segment name> -
Stop playing back an app or a segment Stop -
Stop <app or segment name> -
Move to the next item Next -
Next item -
Move to the previous item Previous -
Previous item -
Create a bookmark Bookmark -
Access detailed information More detail -
Listen again from the beginning Repeat item -
Once again -


To Say Network connection
Check the time What’s the time? -
What time is it? -
Check the remaining battery level Check battery -
Check free space on the built-in memory of FL-N01 Check storage -
Cancel the voice recognition function after saying “Listen up Nigel” Cancel -
Never mind -
Switch between device mode and streaming mode Change music source -
Change Bluetooth mode -
Change the music source to streaming mode Streaming mode -
Change the music source to device mode Device mode -