Taking photos at intervals automatically (Life Snap)

FL-N01 detects when you are in activity (cycling, running, or walking), which you have selected on the “Future Lab Program N” app, and automatically takes photos at intervals with its built-in camera. Since photos are automatically taken, you can enjoy unexpected scenes.

  1. Perform initial setup on the "Future Lab Program N" app.
  2. Select an activity of the Life Snap function (cycling, running, or walking) on the "Future Lab Program N" app.
  3. Wear FL-N01, then perform the activity you set on the app.

    FL-N01 starts taking photos at intervals automatically.

    Photo data will be stored in FL-N01. You can see them by connecting FL-N01 to a computer.


  • The camera will be adjusted automatically to maintain the horizontal position while you are walking or cycling.
  • You can adjust the maximum number of photos that are stored on FL-N01 on the "Future Lab Program N" app. (The default setting is 1,000.) Tap - [Settings] - [Applications] - [Camera] - [Life Snap] - [Number of Photos in a loop]. When the amount of photos stored on FL-N01 reaches the limit, the oldest photo will be deleted.