What is Personalized Radio service?

Personalized Radio service is a new feature that FL-N01 offers.

FL-N01 reads out and lets you know information such as weather, restaurants, news, events, calendar, mails, social feeds, activity logs, SMS, smartphone notifications, etc.

You can select both when and how you receive information.

  • Receiving information automatically according to where you are, what time it is, or what you are doing.
  • Acquiring information when you want by using the voice control function.

Receiving Personalized Radio service automatically

FL-N01 analyzes where you are, what time it is, and what you are doing, then delivers you useful information automatically.


  • "Audio AR Games" does not support this function.
  • While playing "Audio AR Games," FL-N01 does not deliver you any information automatically via segments on Personalized Radio service.

Acquiring Personalized Radio service

FL-N01 delivers you information whenever you want by using the voice commands.


  • The Bluetooth tethering/Personal Hotspot setting is required to use the Personalized Radio service.
  • Information (segments) that Personalized Radio service can provide may be updated automatically (except for "Audio AR Games").