Notes on recognition technologies

FL-N01 is equipped with recognition technologies though there is a possibility that these technologies may not work properly. You may experience the following issues, but they are not malfunctions.

Voice recognition technology

  • Voice recognition may not work properly depending on how you speak such as your volume, speed, articulateness or accent, etc., or depending on other elements such as ambient noise or echoing, etc.

Activity recognition technology

  • Your activity may not be recognized correctly while you are cycling, running, walking, or standing still.

Positioning and place recognition technology

  • The positioning technology may not work properly when you are in an urban canyon or indoor space. If this happens, you cannot get event or restaurant information via Personalized Radio service.
  • “Home” and “work place” are recognized by the place recognition technology only when you commute from your home to your place of work. It takes a few days to recognize “home” or “work place”.