FL-N01 cannot be operated even though it is turned on.

  • Charge the battery until it is full. FL-N01 will not be turned on for 10 seconds after starting to charge the battery. Wait for 10 seconds to turn FL-N01 on.
  • It takes about one and a half minutes longer to boot-up FL-N01 than usual when 2,000 music files are stored on the built-in memory of FL-N01.
  • Press and hold the (power) button for 16 seconds to force shutdown of FL-N01 and turn it on again. Then check the following to synchronize the time setting of FL-N01 with the “Future Lab Program N” app.
    • Open the status screen of the “Future Lab Program N” app and check if FL-N01 and your smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.
    • If there is no Bluetooth connection established between FL-N01 and your smartphone, connect them via Bluetooth again.
  • See “If FL-N01 does not operate properly” on “Precautions,” then initialize FL-N01 as follows.
    Press and hold the (power) button for 16 seconds to force shutdown of FL-N01, then press and hold the (power) and volume - buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds until FL-N01 vibrates. The indicator light flashes for about 10 minutes then FL-N01 turns off. All data such as music files and photos are deleted, and FL-N01 is reset to the factory settings.If the same problem occurs repeatedly, there may be a malfunction.
  • After FL-N01 is initialized, follow all the procedures of Initial Setup of the “Future Lab Program N” app.