No sound or only a very low level of sound is heard, no matter which device is selected.

  • Check that all connecting cables are inserted to their input/output jacks on the receiver, speakers and the devices.
  • Check that MASTER VOLUME on the receiver is not set to “VOL MIN”.
  • Press SPEAKERS repeatedly on the receiver to select a setting other than “OFF”.
  • Check that headphones are not connected to the receiver.
  • Press to cancel the muting function.
  • Try pressing the input button on the remote control or turning INPUT SELECTOR on the receiver to select the input to which you want to listen.
  • If the sound of a cable box or satellite box connected to the TV is not output, connect the device to an HDMI input jack of the receiver and switch the input of the receiver to the input for the connected device (refer to the supplied Operating Instructions).
  • If you want to listen to sound from the TV speaker, press AMP MENU, then set “<HDMI>” - “AUDIO.OUT” to “TV+AMP” on the display panel. If you cannot play multi-channel audio source, set to “AMP”. However, the sound will not be output through the TV speaker.