Setting the crossover frequency of the speakers [Crossover Freq]

After you perform Auto Calibration, a crossover frequency is set for each speaker according to the measured results. If a speaker is set to [Small] in the [Speaker Setting] menu, you can manually adjust the bass crossover frequency by performing the following steps.

  1. Select [Speaker Setting] from the home menu.
  2. Press , and then press / repeatedly to select [Crossover Freq].
  3. Press / to select the speaker for which you want to adjust the crossover frequency, then press .
  4. Press / to set the crossover frequency, then press .


  • [Crossover Freq] cannot be set when headphones are connected.
  • According to the Auto Calibration results, no crossover frequency is set for speakers whose size is determined to be [Large]. Additionally, [Crossover Freq] cannot be set by performing the steps above.
  • The surround back speakers will be set to the same setting as that of the surround speakers.


  • You can also set the crossover frequency of speakers from the “<SPKR>” menu on the display panel.