No image and/or sound is output from the TV when the receiver is in the standby mode.

  • When the receiver enters the standby mode, image and/or sound from the HDMI device selected right before the receiver entered the standby mode is output to the TV. If no image and/or sound is output, perform the following operations:
    • Turn on the receiver, and then select the input to which the playback device is connected.
    • Press AMP MENU, then set “<HDMI>” - “CTRL.HDMI” to “CTRL ON,” and then set “<HDMI>” - “STBY.THRU” to “AUTO” or “ON” on the display panel.
  • If a device that supports the Control for HDMI function but is not manufactured by Sony is connected, press AMP MENU and set “<HDMI>” - “CTRL.HDMI” to “CTRL ON” on the display panel.