How to use this Help Guide

This Help Guide explains functions and settings that are not mentioned in the supplied Startup Guide or Operating Instructions. Refer to the Operating Instructions for explanation of how to install and prepare the receiver, and descriptions of parts and controls.

You can search for information in this Help Guide by entering a keyword. Press in the top left or top right of the screen to search for the desired topic.


  • This Help Guide mainly describes the procedures for using the remote control. You can also use the controls on the receiver if they have the same or similar names as those on the remote control.
  • There are two types of setting menus that you can operate, as follows:
    • Menus displayed on the TV screen
    • Menus displayed on the display panel of the receiver
    Setting menu items and parameters displayed on the TV screen are indicated using [ ], and setting menu items displayed on the display panel of the receiver are indicated using “ ”.
  • You cannot search by entering multiple keywords at the same time.