Setting the height from the floor to the ceiling “CEILING.H.

Set the height from the floor to the ceiling. You can make Dolby Atmos enabled speakers work better by configuring this setting and performing Auto Calibration.
  1. Press AMP MENU.
  2. Select “<SPKR>” - “CEILING.H.” on the display panel.
  3. Adjust the height.
    You can adjust it within the range of “2.00M” (“6’ 6””) (*) to “10.00M” (“32’ 9””).

    *To switch the unit of measurement, see “Selecting the unit of measurement “DIST.UNIT”.”


  • This setting is only available under the following conditions:
    • [Surround Dolby Speakers] or [Front Dolby Speakers] is selected for [Front High/Top/Dolby Speakers] in [Easy Setup]. For details on [Easy Setup], refer to the Operating Instructions.
    • Headphones are not connected.