What is “BRAVIA” Sync?

“BRAVIA” Sync is an extended function developed by Sony based on the Control for HDMI (*1) function. By connecting “BRAVIA” Sync-compatible devices, such as a TV or a Blu-ray Disc player, using an HDMI cable (*2) (not supplied) you can control the devices with the TV remote control. The following functions can be used with “BRAVIA” Sync.

*1 Control for HDMI is a standard used by CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) specification that enables interoperability of connected devices for HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connections.

*2 Sony recommends a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet that supports 18 Gbps.


  • Functions such as System Power Off, System Audio Control, One-Touch Play, and Remote Easy Control may be used with devices other than ones manufactured by Sony that support the Control for HDMI function, but operation is not guaranteed.