Calibrating the phase characteristics of the speakers “A.P.M.” (Automatic Phase Matching)

You can set the A.P.M. (Automatic Phase Matching) function in the Advanced D.C.A.C. (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration). This calibrates the phase characteristics of the speakers for well-coordinated surround sound. This operation is only available using the display panel on the front of the receiver.

  1. Press AMP MENU.
  2. Select “<A.CAL>” - “A.P.M.” on the display panel.
  3. Select the setting you want.
    • A.P.M. AUTO : Switches the A.P.M. function on or off automatically.
    • A.P.M. OFF


  • This function does not work in the following cases:
    • Headphones are connected.
    • Auto Calibration has not been performed.
    • [Pure Direct] is set to [On].
  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals, depending on the audio format.