Selecting a sound field

You can select from a variety of sound fields according to the speaker connection and input source.

  1. Select [Sound Effect] - [Sound Field] from the home menu.
  2. Press / to select the sound field you want, then press .

    For movies, a sound field labeled with [Movie] is recommended.

    For music, a sound field labeled with [Music] is recommended.


  • When connecting headphones to the receiver, [Headphone(2ch)] is selected as a sound field automatically.
  • The sound fields for movie and music may not work, depending on the input or the speaker pattern you select and the audio formats.
  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals, depending on the audio format.
  • Some speakers or the subwoofer may not output sound, depending on the sound field setting.


  • You can also use 2CH/MULTI, MOVIE, MUSIC, or FRONT SURROUND on the remote control, or 2CH/MULTI, MOVIE, or MUSIC on the receiver to select a sound field.